Mandate of OIE Collaborating Centres

OIE Collaborating Centres are centres of expertise in a specific designated sphere of competence relating to the management of general questions on animal health issues. In its designated field of competence, they must provide their expertise internationally.

  General activities of OIE Collaborating Centres Percentage of Collaborating Centres carrying out these activities
1 Activities as a centre of research, expertise, standardisation and dissemination of techniques 92%
2 Proposal or development of any procedure that will facilitate harmonisation of international regulations applicable to the surveillance and control of animal diseases, food safety or animal welfare 71%
3 Placement of expert consultants at the disposal of the OIE 75%
  Specific OIE activities  
4 Provision of scientific and technical training within to personnel from OIE Member Countries and Territories 79%
5 Organisation of scientific meetings on behalf of the OIE 46%
6 Coordination of scientific and technical studies in collaboration with other laboratories or organisations 79%
7 Publication and dissemination of information 92%

AuthorLaura De Antoniis

My background: International Studies concerning Latin American-Africa-Middle Est Countries, Political Science and Development Cooperation Politics Current Job: Consultant at Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale Abruzzo e Molise Previous Job: Consultant at Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation, WAICENT Department