Working Groups IN SADC Region

In november 2018, during the second regional meeting of ERFAN in Pretoria, seven working groups, and their coordinators, in the SADC Region were defined, as follows:

1. WG “One Health”

Coordinators: Henriette Van Heerden and Antonio Fasanella supported by Claudio De Martinis.  For “BrucellosisSatellite WG: Pious Makaya and Giuliano Garofolo

2. WG “Training in Veterinary Science”

Coordinators: Alida Michel and Barbara Alessandrini

3. WG “CBPP”

Coordinators: Chandapiwa Marobela-Raborokgwe and Guido Loria, supported by CVRI Lusaka- Geoffrey Muuka

4. WG “TSE”

Coordinators: Cristina Casalone. The African coordinator will be defined

5. WG “Animal Welfare”

Coordinators: Quixi Sonntag and Luigi Iannetti

6. WG “Food Hygiene”

Coordinators: Siegfried Khaiseb and Francesco Pomilio, supported by UNAM-Umberto Molini

7. WG “Vector borne diseases”

Coordinators: Luis Neves and Federica Monaco, supported by IZSSI

AuthorLaura De Antoniis

My background: International Studies concerning Latin American-Africa-Middle Est Countries, Political Science and Development Cooperation Politics Current Job: Consultant at Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale Abruzzo e Molise Previous Job: Consultant at Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation, WAICENT Department