Within the framework of ERFAN, an OFFICE for project design is established at the Secretariat in order to assist the partners in future design, planning and submission to various agencies of development and research projects. The successful of Network is founded on the research and development projects, the implementation of which is  the only way of achieving the development in the public health field, in African countries.

The  term  “project” means  a  group  of  activities undertaken  to  produce  a  project  purpose  in  a  fixed  time  frame. The way in which projects are planned and carried out follows a sequence beginning with  an  agreed  strategy,  which  leads  to  an  idea  for  a  specific  action,  oriented  towards  achieving  a  set  of  objectives,  which  then  is  formulated,  implemented,  and evaluated with a view to improving the strategy and further action.

The way in which projects are designed and submitted to various international agencies is very important in order to raise funding. A clear formulation, a detailed design and an appropriate focus on all the elements involved in the project management are essential to ensure the successful of submission of project proposals to international donors. Taking into consideration the different process groups of project management, as formulation, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, key elements have to be incorporated  into the project design, i.e:  scope, budget, deadline, team roles, communication plan, milestones; resource planning, status reports and budget management; monitoring report with respect to the quality of deliverables, team performance, use of coordinated resources, centralized responsibilities for management and implementation, defined roles and relationships for participants in the project;evaluation report.

Project Cycle Managment

AuthorLaura De Antoniis

My background: International Studies concerning Latin American-Africa-Middle Est Countries, Political Science and Development Cooperation Politics Current Job: Consultant at Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale Abruzzo e Molise Previous Job: Consultant at Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation, WAICENT Department