The Office will be responsible for fund-raising, core activity of this structure, exploring financial resources, identifying grants through calls for proposals, building relationships with private agencies and foundations.

The structure will ensure that that stakeholders are consulted and relevant information is available throughout the life of the project, so that informed decisions can be made at key stages in the life of a project; that the stakeholders  support  the  decisions  made  within  projects,  and  that  decisions  are based on relevant and sufficient information; the use of Logical  Framework  Approach as methodology for project planning and evaluating to  analyze  problems,  to enhance participation and transparency and to improve orientation towards objectives; the good-quality key documents in each phase; structured and well-informed decision-making; consultation  with  and  the  involvement  of key  stakeholders; sustainable benefits for the intended target group.

The Coordinators of Working Groups should forward the technical contribution of the project proposal, including the provisional budget, to the contact person of the project design Office, who will  take care of sending of the project proposal to the Scientific Committee for approval. The Office, once it has been accepted, will be able to adapt this document on the basis of the grant proposal template. The final project will be forwarded to the Coordinators (or competent Institution) who, as leader, shall assume responsibility for the submission to the international/national grants.

AuthorLaura De Antoniis

My background: International Studies concerning Latin American-Africa-Middle Est Countries, Political Science and Development Cooperation Politics Current Job: Consultant at Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale Abruzzo e Molise Previous Job: Consultant at Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation, WAICENT Department