The “ERAN project” consists of general, regional and working groups meetings, founded by the OIE. Regular meetings are essential in order to ensure the successful of the project; the African and Italian partners will have the opportunity to plan the activities, to share objectives and goals to pursue in the SADC an UMA Region and to report up-to-date information on scientific activity progress. The planning of meetings ( dates specified) will ensure the monitoring and evaluation of “ERFAN project”.

Since the project was presented by the Italian Ministry of Health to the OIE, it quickly became clear that the ERFAN would play a crucial role at political level. The project is of great strategic importance for the relationship between Africa and Italy; ensuring the regular and close communication, through the meetings, the ERFAN allows to enhance the cooperation between the African and Italian partners. The scientific network created the place for fruitful cooperation identifying topics of particular interest to Italy and Africa. The research projects give continuity to dialogue on crucial issues as research, innovation and development. The Italian institutions and their counterparts in Africa will work together  for achieving stronger growth.

AuthorLaura De Antoniis

My background: International Studies concerning Latin American-Africa-Middle Est Countries, Political Science and Development Cooperation Politics Current Job: Consultant at Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale Abruzzo e Molise Previous Job: Consultant at Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation, WAICENT Department